Have you ever felt not having a reason to get up in the morning?

You no longer feel excited to go to work, because you don’t really like what you do. Your job is just a means to get a salary, although a needed one by the way.

You’re so sick of problems, difficulties, misfortunes, you cannot handle it anymore. Even the sun is refusing to shine outside.

You feel way too fat, or way too short, nothing will disguise the dark circles under your eyes, or the wrinkles on your face, you just can’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror.

What ‘s your excuse?

Oh, I’m too tired…

I can’t, I’m too busy…

I will, but not just now…

I would, but my back hurts…

I don’t know how to do it…

What’s your mission?

What’s your cause, your life’s purpose, the reason why you are here for? What’s the thing you are willing to die for?

Does happiness seem impossible for you to get?

What’s keeping you from being happy?

Not having the perfect partner? Not having the house of your dreams? Not having enough money? Not having had the right opportunities?

Don’t you realize that happiness, that happiness that you so hardly try to achieve, has been inside you all along?

You were born authentic, full of potential, patience, curiosity, and health, innocent and HAPPY!

What would the child you once were think of the adult that you are now?

It’s time to WAKE UP!


Nothing happens by chance. Every event is a gift. It comes to you to help you grow and to help you become your best self. Success is created of own choice, not by chance or luck. Your power resides in you, it doesn’t depend on anything external.

I bet that if you came across this site, it’s because you are ready to start your own journey.  Know that you are exactly where you need to be. What are you waiting for?


Remind yourself daily of the following:

  • You are a soul first and a personality second.
  • You are worthy. You are not on this Earth by accident. You have a reason to be here. There’s a difference between accepting that in your mind and accepting it in your heart.
  • It’s not an “it” that you’re looking for — it’s your life that you’re living.
  • You are here to create an authentically empowered life. There is no guarantee you will do it. It’s up to you.                                                                      - Gary Zucav


Why ABCoaching? What does AB stand for, you might wonder?

Well, AB stands for :

  • Awareness to Breakthrough

  • Awakening to your Best

  • AwkwardCaterpillar to BeautifulButterfly

Get the idea?

And it also stands for Alexandra Barreto,

yes, that’s me!